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Welcome to the website of the nice small game, Astrobounce. The game contains a bouncing ball which will unstoppably bounce, but you can move it left or right by moving the mouse. You gotta take the stars to advance and score, but all kinds of obstacles will make this next to impossible for you or at least the game tries to. It all begins easy, but don't be fooled the game will get harder over time.

A lot of people take this game for an Arkanoid-based game. They couldn't be more wrong. Astrobounce is a design that stands on its own and wasn't based on any other game.

NOTE: Originally this game was called Astroball, but back then I didn't know that there was a Z80 game with the same name. In order to avoid copyright claims, or angry Z80 fans expecting a remake of that game (which this game really isn't as I never owned a Z80 and thus never played any game for that system) the project was renamed to "Astrobounce". It is still possible though that some files were not properly updated and that the old name remains. Let me know whenever you see that so I can remove or update it.